All of Leslie’s compliments to Ann

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Landscapes, 2014 | by Anthony Samaniego
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that is our building
and we sell paper

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me as a parent

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- For a really long time, that’s all I had. I just had little moments with a girl who saw me as a friend. And a lot of people told me I was crazy to wait this long for a date with a girl who I worked with, but I think even then I knew that… I was waiting for my wife. 

- When you’re a kid, you assume your parents are soulmates. My kids are gonna be right about that.

- She pays me back every day. Just by being my wife.

- I shouldn’t have been with Roy, and there were a lot of reasons to call off my wedding. But the truth is, I didn’t care about any of those reasons until I met you.

- Not enough for me? You are everything.

- He said that you…told him how much you love me…about how you feel when I walk in a room, and…about how you’ve never for a second that I’m the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with.

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These photographs, by New York-based Bing Wright, feature reflections of sunsets in shattered mirrors.

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okay, most of what i do re: harry potter is criticism, and hp is flawed in such a number of ways, but sometimes i just sit here and

i mean, you all have a comprehension of just how drastically harry potter changed literature, yeah? like. it revitalized it. it blew the literary…

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Landscapes, 2014 | by Anthony Samaniego

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